Task 2 - Why is there so much more junk email?

We are inundated with Spam because it is a very profitable means of advertising.  It is also home to conmen, scammers and thieves.

The Nigerian advance is a con where a person claiming to be related to a diplomat, or famous foreign national states that he or she must move large sums of cash to the United States and they wish to use your bank account to move the money. They promise a small reward for your time and use of the bank account.  The problem is they are not who they say they are, and once they get your bank account they steal the money inside it.  This type of fraud, in its many different forms has cost itís victims globally $2 billion dollars. 

There are many variations of this transfer funds assistance scam floating around out there so beware!
Pornography has become one of the fastest growing forms of SPAM. The growth of the industry and the amount of SPAM that is now pornographic in nature is largely due to the fact that last year porn was a $3.2 Billon dollar industry.
As long as people click on SPAM messages, buy stuff from them, or are ripped off by them, SPAM will be in every e-mail box in the world.
How can I be spamming Myself??

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